Embrace Cryptocurrency with QuickX

Cryptocurrency is everywhere, and QuickX is the front runner in spreading the usage of cryptocurrency. They have found innovative ways to solve all the negative points which make adoption of digital currencies difficult. QuickX has come a long way from starting research in Blockchain technology in 2016 to the launching of V.1.0 on Mainnet by the end of 2019. The mind behind this company is Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha; He is the Founder and CEO of QuickX; and Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha, the Founder and COO, QuickX.

A Look at QuickX Products

  • QuickX Touch: It is a wallet that makes use of NFC card typed technology. For the QuickX touch to work, enable the NFC function on your phone, then touch the card to the back of the phone. Install the app from the app store of your phone when cued. A single card is sufficient to store different types of digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, etc.
  • QuickX Watch: QuickX Watch helps people mine cryptocurrency while exercising. The watch can be connected to your phone, and the mining can be monitored since the mining software is preloaded.
  • QuickX Pay: This is an all-in-all payment gateway, that allows any business and/or merchant to cost-effectively & securely exchange, send, accept, store, and receive cryptocurrency payments online by putting it on their websites. QuickX Pay, as a payment gateway, can be widely used in the eCommerce industry, where users can easily buy products by paying in any of the cryptocurrencies whatsoever like Bitcoin, QuickX, and Ethereum etc.
  • QuickX Instant Swap: This helps to exchange cryptocurrency directly in your QuickX Wallet without using any external Exchanges with the new “Swapping option”. It enables instant transactions for all blockchain resources.

Foundation for QuickX Products – QuickX Protocol

QuickX protocol is the ground-breaking protocol, which is the base for all QuickX products. The obstacle which makes cryptocurrency hard to embrace like time, speed, transaction cost, scalability, and cross-chain transfer issues are all solved by this protocol. It is a decentralized platform where the off-chain transactions are enabled by pooling liquid assets; this liquidity is provided by pooling facilitators who help in quick transfers of crypto assets. It is a secure protocol that operated at near to zero costs.

What’s in Store for QuickX Patrons?

Soon QuickX will partner with major players in different countries for more exposure and instant currency swap. QuickX SDK will be available for different wallets in-order to utilize QuickX protocol features.

QuickX has given people a promising new technology to use in their everyday life. They have also made cryptocurrency easy to use and relatable with their different products.


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