D.Tube, world’s #1 decentralized video sharing platform launches the DTube Coin economy on October 1st, 2020!


October 1st, 2020: **D.Tube, world’s #1 decentralized video sharing platform launches the DTube Coin economy on October 1st, 2020!**

3 years of Research and 1 Million video views / day
Following an incredible launch (the topic ranked #1 on -then Hacker News in 2017) of DTube “v1” -a decentralized video uploader, the DTube team spent 3 years building a fully decentralized video sharing platform, leveraging blockchain and peer-to-peer technology to address a growing concern with social media platforms: their total control over content.

> DTube vision is to create a new type of social media platform 100% controlled by its users: code, content and economy.

With more than 50,000 active accounts on its native blockchain and 1 Million daily video views on its App, DTube has established as the leader of the rising movement of Decentralized Apps (DApps) and built a serious alternative to disrupt traditional social media platforms.

A Decentralized video platform: How it works?
On DTube, users can share a video through a vast choice of peer-to-peer networks so that their content is hosted on multiple independent devices across the globe, hence fully censorship resistant.

To keep the platform safe from illegal and copyrighted content, viewers have the power to promote a post on the platform by “upvoting” a video and similarly hide an unwanted one with a “downvote”.

All content on the platform is then ranked by tags and “social score” (#upvotes – #downvotes); Negative-scored content is hidden from the platform.

> In 3 years, the platform has gathered a very positive community with a variety of Original Content on vlogging, blockchain and crypto-related topics

To assure full transparency, all the code is open source and open to contributions (App, algorithms) and its native blockchain is public.

Launch of the DTube Coin, the first social media platform rewarding its users for each social interaction (in real time)
Boosted by the success of its DApp, D.Tube intend to take the concept of content creation and social influencing to the next level with the launch of the DTube Coin.

> “Thanks to our passionate community of engaged creators and crypto-enthusiasts, we had the chance to experiment a new economy based on rewarding social interactions in real-life conditions. We are now excited to announce the launch of our native blockchain after 1 full year of successful testnet.” said Adrien co-founder and lead developer of D.Tube.

At launch, any internet user will be able to seamlessly create an account on the DTube blockchain, securely store their cryptographic keys and start earning crypto-incentives by simply posting or voting on a content.

For each user interaction on a video (post, vote, comment or tag), a distribution algorithm will calculate in real time the share of the daily reward pool (based on content popularity and freshness) and distribute DTube Coins to users accordingly.

DTubers (DTube users) can then spend their DTube Coins on the platform to purchase a famous username, boost a post, tip a creator, etc (more features to be announced in 2021). They can also trade their token to other cryptocurrencies on markets.

This is the beauty of blockchain technology: a secure, frictionless, transparent and super-efficient financial mechanism with no risk of abuse by a third party.

With its advanced infrastructure and blockchain technology, DTube is ideally positioned to play a key role in the future of social media.

Try DTube!: https://d.tube

About DTube
Live since August 2017 as a Steem project initially, DTube (d.tube) is the leader in video based social media on the blockchain. DTube’s chain is tailored for sharing and interacting with video.

By voting, posting or commenting on videos, users can gain DTube Coins as a reward without giving away their data to third parties.

After the creation of over 50,000 accounts on the testnet, more than $1M distributed to its community through the Steem blockchain and 1 Million tokens sold to its community, DTube is now launching its official DTube coin on October 1st, 2020

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