World’s First Decentralized LoRa Hub Network – Go9Tro Wireless

Go9Tro Wireless, is an Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions provider, that empowers people to share data solutions. The total installed base of IoT connected devices is projected to 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025. 

World’s First Decentralized LoRa Hub Network

It was established to leverage the technological power of blockchain and the social power of crowdsourcing to enrich living standards in the developed world, to all corners of the earth with IoT. With the LoRa Hub hardware enabling any Internet connection owner to sell their Internet bandwidth through Go9Tro scalable and reliable network that distributes bandwidth to nearby Internet users, Go9Tro is able to extend the Internet’s reach without reliance on legacy telecom companies or Internet service providers. 

Solving Digital Divide Problem 

The world’s dependency on Internet access has obviously surged, while the significant gap of more than 53% of the earth’s population is not having a stable Internet. A correlation can be observed between a lack of Internet access and poverty levels, also known as the Digital Divide.

Go9Tro smart contract platform allows members to crowdfund the deployment initiatives of Free Internet for All, through a global mesh network. In a sense of physical infrastructure, the Go9Tro  Network will consist of hosts who operate hub networks. In a sense of governance, the Go9Tro  Network has the standardized technologies and protocols for this infrastructure to be built, and managed in a way that ensures acceptable levels of redundancy, transparent transactions between buyers and sellers, and compliance with local laws of every region in which the Go9Tro  Network operates. 

Start Growing Your IoT Business with Go9Tro Wireless

Go9Tro believes early adopters who share the LoRa Hub technologies and continue to help evolve the Global Mesh Network will gain in the 4 to 11 Trillion Dollar Data Industry. ​Go9Tro program is a simple plug and play model with no risk, no selling, recruiting, MLM or Direct Sales required and no restriction on territory and experience, enabling you to earn unlimited HNT daily by sharing your internet connection with the world.

Accepted currencies to buy Go9Tro LoRa Hubs are Ethereum (ETH), Check ACH, Wire and cash. Helium Network Tokens (HNT) is chosen as the Go9Tro Network’s token and is publicly traded on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. HNT will be rewarded to customers who host the LoRa hubs which begins November 20, 2020 for helping to build, and secure hotspot coverage worldwide. Interested parties who host in rural areas are earning an average of 400-500 HNT a month whereas those who host in city areas are earning an average of 3000 HNT a month. 

Join us in building the world’s first DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) Internet service provider here

About Go9Tro  

The Go9Tro Wireless LLC is a company formed in Wyoming in 2020 to oversee the development and implementation of a fully decentralized, global telecommunications network, to be known as the Go9Tro Network. The network will be powered by innovative technology being developed by a team of technology, business, and legal experts from around the world. Go9Tro’s vision is to be communally and jointly owned by the infrastructure owners, and not a centralized entity. Go9Tro will ensure the administration and governance of the network, as the network itself is unable to self-fulfill these functions. The initial constituent parts of the Go9Tro  Network have been developed by the members and form a part of the intellectual property portfolio of Go9Tro. Other vendors, services and solution providers will be able to develop and introduce further hardware and software, enhancing the functionality and features of the network under licensing by Go9Tro. 


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