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The art of Karate has evolved over centuries. It is believed that Bodhidharma significantly contributed to its spread from India to East Asia. Karate-do, or the art of empty hand, is a mix of physical training and mental fortitude. In its modern form, karate training and tournament systems are classified into three categories, namely: Sports Karate, Traditional Karate, and Contact Karate.

BoutsPro World’s team consists of a group of professional experts who look to assist this 100-million-strong community. They aim to provide customers with a robust platform to develop an ecosystem for all forms of karate, and to professionalize and globalize the planning process involved with the sport. To that end, it intends to interlink professional sports management, sponsorship, TV broadcasting, internet broadcasting, software and game development, apps development, and on-site event organization globally.


Karate is a multifaceted art of self-growth as well as a sport with an international fan following. Thus, it is little wonder that it requires an overhaul of the system to manage the revenue generated and ensure proper distribution of funds.

BoutsPro is intended to maximize the potential of the sport as a whole by looking at efficient tournament management, as well as creating and managing various media platforms and effective training programs.


Robert Greifeld, CEO of NASDAQ, pointed out, “Blockchain technology continues to redefine not only how the exchange sector operates, but the global financial economy as a whole”. BoutsPro marries this outlook with the experience of karate legends.

The platform intends to address the following main issues:

  • problems related to payments
  • holistic fund management
  • uneven mechanism of interaction

By implementing blockchain tech within this sector, the sport as a whole will be better poised to allow trust management markets to help raise funds. At the same time, it will also simplify currency management in order to achieve transparency and efficiency.

With that in mind, BoutsPro launched BoutsPro tokens, which can be used everywhere by the karate fraternity. They are meant to be the exchange currency for all services within the platform.


With a strong community to service, BoutsPro looks to streamline the entire process involved in managing the sport. It intends to maximize the solutions afforded by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and smart contracts by integrating them into the existing processes. With a huge karate sports community spread out across over 60 member countries, this is the only viable method to manage this art at an international level.

It is also essential to establish such a system to meet market requirements. The intention is to attract new investors by being transparent. The idea is to have tokens trade on various exchanges without any data flow between themselves and the exchange developers, thus enhancing data integrity.

The entire ecosystem is based on a portal developed by BoutsPro. It serves as the gateway for karate athletes to register and gather information about their status and various events. It also makes it easier to process mundane things such as membership renewals as well as streamline issues such as tournament participation. Such transactions can be easily facilitated by the native BoutsPro token.

In fact, the BoutsPro token is to be used for all monetary transactions. BoutsPro will also use it to pay for the various scholarships it offers as well as to earn revenue via ticket sales and sponsorships.

The business development team, in concert with the other departments, have decided on a plan which keeps in mind the considerations of market price valuation and fair remunerations. The initial plan is to distribute 50% of the BoutsPro tokens in an ICO. Additional amounts have been set aside for community programs, development funds, advisers, and reserves.


The team behind BoutsPro is a mix of martial arts instructors, expert business development advisers, and blockchain developers.

Sensei Rajeev Sinha is a well-known karate master, entrepreneur, and pioneer of professional karate. He has over 30 years of experience in Global Tournament Management and is the Chairman and Managing Director of World Professional Karate Corporation (WPKC). He is also the Chairman of IPK (Indian Professional Karate).

Dr. (Prof.) Vladimir Jorga is a university professor, doctor of medicine, and current dean at the European Center for Peace and Development at the University of Peace. He has been associated with karate for over six decades. With numerous medals in international tournaments, he is a European champion and an invaluable member of the WPKC’s Board of Governors.

Jiri Purs is a well-known Czech entrepreneur and investor in the field of IT. He was the founder of the first cable TV company (CATV) in the erstwhile Czechoslovakia.


BoutsPro tokens (BOUTS) have been trading since the middle of May and were initially valued at US$0.0171 per token.

BoutsPro token lifetime performance chart (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

While the currency’s value has seen a steady ascent, the relative newness of this product makes it hard to make an assessment of the true potential of this token.

As of June 5, the price of a single token stands at $0.0154.


BoutsPro looks to bring together a large community of aspiring martial artists and deliver customers a cross-chain protocol that can potentially be deployed at various levels to simplify the management of karate across the globe.

If you are interested in investing in BoutsPro, Bouts trading pairs are currently available on DDEX, IDEX, and OTCBTC.


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