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Customers in the bitcoin world and technology are growing impatient daily. As online shopping continues to grow, the buyers’ habits continue to evolve. Today, one of the major problems is that many customers are disconnected from a business owner who can’t answer their questions in real time with precision.

But that’s not all… Customers are also growing lazy. They are no more looking for you. They expect you to find them. Here is the problem with this: Your potential customers are spread out across major platforms and will require various medium of communication to reach them. For some of these customers, you can reach them by sending just an email, if you are dealing with the Millennials and Generation Z, you will have to look for them in social media.

If you are lucky enough to have these customers come to you, you need to do all you can to seize the opportunity immediately and make sure that each inquiry and every interaction you have with a potential or current customer converts into a purchase. Fortunately, this is made easier when you use FREE Crisp software – an app that manages your interaction with customers in real-time.

Are You Dealing with ICO Clients?

ICO clients are one of the most difficult clients you can deal with. With so many ICOs coming up every day and these clients looking for a way to make money, you don’t have time to waste.

You need a system that allows you chat in real time and effortlessly interact with your ICO clients without burning deep into your pocket.

According to a research, 90% of customers consider real-time chat very helpful and about 63% are more likely to return to your website if you have a live chat feature. The report also showed that you are more likely to convert 62% of clients that contacted you for inquiries. In another research, 38% of responders stated that they had made their purchase as a result of chat session itself.

You know what this means? Real-live chat apps like Crisp are making it easier to convert people that come to just ask questions into customers.

But Crisp is different! This app makes real-live chat more fun and makes conversion easier.

Here is How Crisp Can Help You With Your ICO Clients

As online marketing continues to get tougher; innovative and forward-thinking marketers are exploring new frontiers and leveraging platforms their competition aren’t using.

One of such innovative platforms is Crisp – the only app that makes it extremely easy to chat in real-time across multiple platforms. With Crisp, you can be replying to clients contacting you on Twitter, Facebook, Email, website, and SMS from one dashboard.

Doesn’t that just blow your mind? …. It gets better!

Crisp is a free app. Already, more than 30,000 businesses across various industries are already using Crisp to improve their customers’ experience.

What Does Crisp Do?

This innovative app allows you to take your marketing to the next level. FREE Crisp Customers Support Software is the only platform that allows you to chat in real-time with your current and potential clients from various platforms on one platform.

Here Is How It Works:

When you log into your Crisp dashboard, you will need to connect your major email, Twitter, Facebook, TELEGRAM! And Live Chat Account. Now, when a client visits your Facebook page or Twitter page and drops a message in any of these platforms, you will instantly receive the message on your Crisp dashboard and can reply instantly without logging into any of these platforms.

You know what this means? You can be chatting with clients on Twitter, Facebook, and Live chats at the same time right from your Crisp dashboard. Crisp not only simplify your marketing, it makes it more efficient.


Chatting in real-time is not all Crisp do. There are more. Since a business cannot do without Data, Crisp allows users to manage, edit, and export all your users and leads information. Any time a potential client contacts you, the Crisp system will save the customer’s information so you can use this data to retarget the customer in your ads.

When a customer lands on your website or social media pages, it means he is paying attention to your offer. With Crisps, you can efficiently retarget these customers and bring them back to your website to complete an action. Awesome, right?

How Does Crisp Make Marketing and Interactions With Customers More Fun?

Crisp has over 29 features you won’t find in other apps of similar function. With the ability to see your visitor’s screen, chat across multiple platforms, send audio messages, reassign tasks and more, Crisp has all the features you need to be successful.

Some of these features include:



Telegram is now an essential tool for marketing. With Telegram integration on Crisp, you can leverage this tool to increase your customers’ experience.



If you cannot stay online 24 hours in a day, no problem! Crisp allows you to automatically reply to your customer’s queries even when you are not online. With Crisp intelligent bot, your customer won’t even know he is not talking to a human.



Crisp automatically save your customer information, including the chat you have with the client. This allows you to follow-up or seamlessly continue from where you stopped any time the client comes up.



Couldn’t be online 24 hours? No problem! With triggers on the Crisp system, the intelligent bots will answer the questions your potential questions have.



Crisp allow you to customize how you interact with your clients. This makes it easy to keep the same tone in your marketing. You can choose the color, font, and images that are associated with your brand and resonates with your customers.



Don’t waste time in your marketing, Crisp allows you to send audio messages to your customers. This makes it extremely easy to answer any question they may have while on the go.



With Facebook Messenger integration on Crisp, you would never need to log onto your Messenger again. You can reply to all your customers reaching you from Messenger right on your Crisp dashboard. This allows you to chat with other clients from other platforms at the same time without leaving Crisp.



Once integrated, you can reply to Twitter DM right on your Crisp dashboard. You won’t need to log directly on Twitter before you can reply to a DM. This can be done right on your Crisp dashboard so you don’t lose track of other clients you are talking to.



You can reply email inquiries right on the Crisp dashboard. Any email sent to your official email will appear on your Crisp dashboard, you can reply these emails while still live chatting with a client on Facebook and Twitter.



Do you have a spam user? Crisp allows you to block spam users. This is a feature that you won’t find on other platforms.



Targeting a customer from a specific location? The MagicMap allows you to see where your customers are. You know what this means? You can pay more attention to these customers and offer them a geographic-based solution that will most likely solve their problem. This makes it extremely easy to increase your conversion rate.



Don’t just stop at talking on the phone to customers, Crisp allows you to use video calls to point out important information to them. Crisp video call is a feature that you won’t see in other platforms.



SMS marketing still works. With Crisp, you can manage all your SMS and reply right from your dashboard.



Don’t lose precious customer’s information. Crisp save all your customers’ data and allow you to use them for retargeting or as you please.



With Crisp Analytics, you will know how satisfied your customers are with your customer service. You will also get to know an agent that is performing well and the one that needs improvement.



Making use of Crisp is very easy. But in case you are confused, there is a knowledgebase that is included that allows you to find answers to any question related to managing Crisp.

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