3 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Make the World a More Tolerant Place

Talk to any number of people about cryptocurrency and you’ll receive any number of responses. Those range from a knee-jerk reaction about criminals and evil deeds to die-hard evangelists championing the death of centralized organizations. Indeed, cryptocurrency may be one of the most loved and hated phenomena the world has ever seen.

But in between the camp of naysayers at one end and the cluster of bagholders at the other, there’s a solid group of players in the middle rolling out ideas. We’ve already seen seamless, near-instant international transactions, companies improving logistics, and elections held free from fraud.

Cryptocurrency can incentivize hackers to secure systems, humans to consume their energy responsibly, and even people to lend their internet.

Sure, plans to wipe out poverty and prevent cancer may be some ways off. But cryptocurrency is already being used to make the world a more tolerant place. Check out these three lesser-known ways:

Connecting and Supporting the LGBT Community

The LGBT Foundation is teaming up with Hornet, one of the largest social networks for gay men, to launch an LGBT-friendly ecosystem using OST’s blockchain technology. The goal is to connect, empower, and support LGBT people all over the world.

Using the LGBT token, users can pay for global goods and services – for content on Revry, for example, or a night at Misterbnb (the gay equivalent of Airbnb).

They are guaranteed a safe community in which to transact discreetly and without discrimination. The platform will also provide a layer of anonymity, which is especially important in countries where it’s still illegal to be LGBT.

Says Jason Goldberg, CEO of OST: “We believe the LGBT Token will be a practical use case for blockchain to better the lives of hundreds of millions of LGBT people.”

Making it Easier to be Vegan

Being a vegan is a noble choice. Sure, it makes things more complicated around the dinner table and when eating out at restaurants. But it helps to save the planet by reducing meat production processes (one of the biggest drivers of climate change).

But it isn’t easy being vegan.

Giving up on much of the world’s most common foods means that you have to scour communities to find supermarkets that stock vegan products. And you can pretty much forget about finding restaurants serving vegan meals outside of urban centers.

That’s why VeganNation launched VeganCoin, a “Cruelty-Free Cryptocurrency,” to support the vegan community.

The cryptocurrency will incentivize users to cook meals and share them through a food sharing platform, building and connecting the vegan community at the same time.

The company also plans to use blockchain technology to verify the ingredients in “vegan-friendly” foods in supermarkets, ensuring their authenticity.

Providing Better Care for the Elderly

While retirees may not be cryptocurrency’s number one demographic, there are blockchain companies appearing to help provide better care for the elderly. Most nursing homes are understaffed, qualifications aren’t properly vetted, and there is a global pension deficit problem that needs addressing.

By using cryptocurrency to incentivize carers to provide higher-quality services, verify credentials, and help people save for their retirement, achieving a better standard of care is within our reach.


If there’s anything the world needs more of, it’s love and understanding. And with so many cryptocurrency stakeholders looking to get rich quick, it’s refreshing to see projects with a long-term vision and dedication to making the world a more tolerant place.


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