Decentralized Crypto Exchange Starts Promotional Campaign With a $100,000 Luxury World Tour as Prize is a crypto exchange that has been designed to provide an efficient, fair and safe marketplace for the trading of digital crypto assets. Based on blockchain, the platform banks on the immensely high speed, security and low cost of operations to provide services that outpace even the best exchanges today.

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Round The World Trip recently announced a promotional competition designed towards not only to attract new users, but pull secondary users who might not have heard of it, or had no initial plans to join in.

The rules of engagement are simple:

  • A simple point system will be used for competitors.
  • Participants can “like”, share or post self made content relating to the upcoming launch of the exchange on their choice of any social media channel.
  • Purchasing of TIO tokens or successful referrals will carry extra points.

The event will run from 20th June for three months till 20th of September. The extensive three month time period is for a reason – the campaign is a massive one with a top prize of a luxury trip around the world worth $100,000 USD.

With such a big prize up for grabs, the platform will also acknowledge other participants by having not one (or even a few) runners up, but a total of 90 who will win an all expenses VIP trip to Cyprus.


The decentralized exchange recently completed its token generation event with a successful $31,000,000 crowdfunding. The huge response from the market shows that crypto asset holders and traders’ needs are not being met by the current market. Recent breaches in traditional digital exchanges have shown vulnerabilities that blockchain platform is designed to cover.

The exchange offers:

  • Security: Based on blockchain, it offers the same level of security as any cryptocurrency.
  • Low Fee: Free deposits and one of the lowest trading fee.
  • Civic Partnership: KYC and AML made easy with teaming up with Civic, a blockchain AML and KYC professional outsourcing platform.
  • User Interface: Customizable interface to allow novices and experts to easily trade cryptos.
  • Fiat Support: Deposits in fiat are free.
  • Multilingual Support: For users all around the world, multiple language support to overcome linguistic barriers.
  • Liquidity Pool: Users who stake their tokens in the pool get a portion of the platform’s daily profits.

The FXPrimus Factor

The development team has experience in the forex market, giving them an edge in managing and operating the platform. FXPrimus is nearly a decade old regulated forex trading house and brokerage that does more than $180,000,000,000 worth of transactions annually in different countries.

FXPrimus caters to institutional investors, and is strictly regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The experiences in traditional trading, merged with digital assets and a blockchain based platform, gives a one-two punch combo that is definitely a market disruptor. The platform’s TIO token is being currently traded on multiple exchanges with a value of $0.38 and a market cap of $34,875,000.

For more information on the decentralized exchange, visit their website.


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