Gifto to be the World’s Largest Mass Consumer Blockchain Project in 2018

Andy Tian, CEO of Gifto, announced his ambition to make Gifto the world’s largest mass consumer blockchain project in 2018 during his keynote speech of Blockchain Partners Summit in Seoul Korea 21st-22nd July.

This commitment is founded upon an aggressive expansion plan that seeks to drive the value of Gifto through usage. During 2018’s Blockchain Partners Summit in Seoul, Andy reiterated this message stating, “Only blockchain projects that are able to provide their users with genuine economic benefits will be able to generate sustainable value. Gifto will provide access to multiple blockchain applications that provide practical ways to use GTO.”

Gifto has already started to provide users with platforms that embrace GTO. One of these applications is, the world’s first blockchain-based game. The game is HTML 5-based, allowing users to play on nearly any device. Since its release in July, Giftomon’s number of daily active users has already exceeded 4,000. This is twice the amount of daily active users of the next largest competitor. Giftomon’s selling points include engaging gameplay, and the ability to use Giftomon to mine GTO.

Meaningful partnerships have been instrumental in expanding the use value of Gifto. At the end of June, Gifto signed a partnership with FHL, one of South America’s most prominent game publishers. Currently, 1.8 million people use, a gaming platform published by FHL. If online gamers adopt GTO as method of payment for in-game items, thn the number of Gifto users will rise exponentially.

Gifto is already partnered with nine iconic Taiwanese companies, including Taiwan’s largest consumer brand Styleup, Alfa Music Entertainment Company, and ERA TV. These collaborations are the gateway to expansion in the offline sector of cryptocurrency. 70% of Taiwan’s total population are consumers of these brands, and they can now use GTO in exchange for goods and services.

Gifto’s vision is to become a cross-industry mass consumer social entertainment platform. During the Blockchain Open Forum last June, Gifto announced its plan to expand its business into content creation, gaming, and charity. At the core of this vision is a simple goal: to be a token with real value and real usage. Look below for a summary of Gifto’s goals for 2018.

Sneak-Peak to Gifto’s Plan in 2018:

– Become the world’s largest blockchain project by number of users this year

– Gain 300 million application users

– Drive value through meaningful partnerships that provide holders with real usage.

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