Elirtex- Investment Platform with Massive Returns

For the individual, profiting off of investments can be risky, and investment opportunities limited. However, when individuals cooperate as a large group, the potential to earn increases heavily while the potential to fail similarly diminishes. One such group is the Elirtex investment platform, who offers guaranteed returns to participants as they profit through investments in various startups and industries.

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Elirtex has over ten years history in investing as a UK based group, and has recently expanded their functionalities to offer a platform for anyone to invest on. The platform seeks support from institutional, corporate, and accredited investors, but accepts Bitcoin investments from all potential users. Accepted investments range from .005 to 1 BTC.

Guaranteed Returns

What makes Elirtex enticing are the guaranteed returns associated with investment. Currently, the investment plan available, “Alpha Day”, offers 180% profit over 12 weeks. The returns accrue perpetually, with 15% earnings each week. On weekdays, investments see 2.6% daily returns, and 1% profits are seen on weekends. If a user were to invest 1 BTC, for example, they would see a profit of 1.8 BTC for a total balance of 2.8 BTC.

Elirtex provides a number of privileges to its participants. First, investments can be withdrawn at any point throughout the period, any time of day. Elirtex insures 100% of all investments, and the platform also maintains Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) protection as a proactive measure against potential attacks. All deposits are made in Bitcoin, and are recorded once three confirmations from the network are achieved.

How it Works

Elirtex invests in business across multiple industries, providing them with capital to expand operations and be successful. The company also leverages its experience in business to provide valuable advice to businesses they invest in to further enable success. The types of Elirtex invests in include medicine, tech startups, vending machine franchises, and organic food producers, among other initiatives.

Some percentage of profits are also used to fuel development and expansion of the platform itself. These funds are used to promote the platform through initiatives in the company, platform, ecosystem, marketing, and ergonomics. Future manifestations of these progressions include a mobile application, a reward token, new offices, and a security fund against potential financial losses.

Referral Program

In Elirtex’ goals to expand and grow, they are also offering an aggressive referral program to all members of the platform. Each user maintains a unique referral link. When a new users clicks through that link to sign up to the site, they become a first level referral of the owner of that link. 10% of all investments made act as a bonus to the referral. If these individuals refer new users themselves, they act as level 2 referrals to the original member. Level 2 referrals also grant a 2% bonus on all investments.

Anyone can participate in the referral program, regardless of whether or not they have invested into Elirtex prior! With huge referral rewards, there can be significant earnings without any Bitcoin investment required.


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