Answer a Simple Question and Win 300 AGU

What is Agouti? is the first decentralized charity, a charity without an office, a charity without running costs, and a charity without trustees or directors. It is a charity where anyone can be a member and have his voice counted, where everyone in need can be heard.

The AGU Token

The AGU token is built on top of a PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain featuring masternodes. The total supply is 3,000,000 AGU and 3,000 AGU is required to run a masternode, which gives you one voice in voting. It’s expected that 500-600 masternodes can be built and used for democratic voting on each use case. The pre-mined 1.8 million AGU will be given away via airdrops and contests.

How to Win 300 AGU?

In order to win 300 AGU you need to answer a simple question written by the main developer. Here it is:

Let’s assume that digging one water well in middle of Africa costs $5000. I want to make a budget proposal to fund digging. I want to use a maximum allowance for indirect costs as I need extra money for transport and equipment.

Question for 300AGU: How many US dollars should a single AGU token cost so that 800 AGU coins supplied by a single superblock will allow me to fully cover my budget proposal to dig 3 water wells?

You will find all the information you need on the website

Answers in Direct Messages only to RottenCoin#1962 in Agouti Discord channel (

Payments will start in 24 hours, so until then you have chance to change your answer. Don’t listen to others, they may be wrong.

Good luck!

You can find the full question on steemit.

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