Most Waited ICO of 2019 is About to Start

Whitelist registration on MXF Platform starts at Quarter 1 of 2019

Official MXF Platform ICO website:

Margin funding made easier with MXF Platforms

Every cryptocurrency based project requires funds to perform well on the market. With the rising demand and competition, every project must have a well planned budget.

But finding the funds is not easy. Therefore the project owner must come up with a way to raise the funds. That has been always the issue. You will often notice ICOs being offered in an effort to raise the initial funds.

Another great way to raise funds that is going to change the whole industry is margin funding. In this type of funding, crypto exchanges and other big player in the cryptosphere can request for funds from investors.

This is the best way for cryptocurrency exchanges in need of funds for their trading operations. They can use it to leverage on their traders.

Where is the company so far?

Every company starts somewhere. With a vision, comes great service to humanity and that is the mission of MXF in margin trading.

Just like any other starting project, it is important raise funds that will help them establish deeper roots. This is why the fundraising is about to start. The aim at the moment is to increase the activities on the platform, allowing users to enjoy margin funding on a Decentralized p2p MF Platform.

The company is already under operation. Over the past several months, it has lent some of its cryptocurrencies to a number of exchanges. The initial beneficiaries have already managed to fund margin trading for their subscribers.

There has been an upward trend in demand for margin trading in the recent past with more companies coming onboard. This has grown its popularity is the perfect solution for cryptocurrency big teams to with huge holdings to get passive income.

MXF is looking to expand its reach so that more people can benefit from what they are offering. This is where it all gets interesting as we anticipate for the ICO to start somewhere in June.

But you can start your bidding in May. As they say, “an early bird catches the warm”, this is your opportunity to get the ‘promoter’ status. After that, you stand to get more profits including tokens from the platform and daily bonuses.

Is it worth your consideration?

Lets us start by understanding what margin trading is. If you are a trader, holding, say Bitcoins, or any measure of assets, you can margin trade to increase your influence and become and investor. The advantage of doing this is that you build the sum contributed easily without having to hold the advantages.

In an easy language, you have assets in your wallet but you don’t know how to spend. Or maybe you have no intention of spending in the near future. On the other hand, there is someone with an investment idea but they luck what you have, the funds. You can strike a deal where you lend them your cryptocurrency. Then you share in the profits.

Be advised however, that margin trading is quite tricky. Not everyone can manage it as it comes with many risks. It is however still a good opportunity to increase your influence.

Margin trading advantages

Consider how easy it can be for you to leverage your gains. Have you ever wanted to buy as many Bitcoins as you want for instance but have no enough cash? Well, margin trading gives you the opportunity to do so.

Instead of just buying and holding bitcoins, there are many trading opportunities you can make profit from. But since you may not know when they arise, margin trading solves it for you.

Use margin trading and deepen your roots. You can easily diversify your portfolio with your margin account. You can also hedge a diversified portfolio for easy management.

Margin trading lets you borrow bitcoins or altcoins at a lower rate and invest somewhere they can reap in fatter revenue. This is an easy gateway to make more with less.

Final thought

There is no ignoring how much margin trading means to the crypto-world. It is one of the best ways to leverage on what you have as an investor.

As you can expect, there are several problems associated with this type of investment. For instance, there are very few exchanges at the moment offering margin trading. Only those who can afford the high leverages have the upper hand – unfortunately, not very many can. Then there is the issue of expanding demand in terms of interest from traders.

Fortunately, MXF comes as a solution to solve all these issues; This makes margin trading easier, affordable and more fun.


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