Daincoin cooperates with Alpha Bank of Russia

KOREA – Dain coin, a decentralized escrow token created to facilitate security and animosity between cryptocurrency transactions, will cooperate with Alpha Bank of Russia to apply practical usage to the real world

General manager of Dain, Mr Kim Young-man says, “We will start to issue cards only to token holders at Dain’s card division in Busan after mid-August. I am very interested to share this credit crunch to the first 10,000 pioneer token holders.”

Dain Coin is the first to incorporate cryptocurrency into VISA in Korea, and Dain coin will be used in places like Dain Tok, Dain Card and so on. With Dain Card, the transaction fees incurred are minimised during the approval process and it makes it impossible to falsify the transactions of the card usage.

In addition, we are reducing the maintenance cost by simplifying the system so that it does not go through VAN or PG. It is also possible to purchase and exchange Dain Coins amongst members if they open an account in Dain Tok, Dain Exchange, etc.

With a robust and unified system, Dain Coin plans to link up with several cryptocurrencies companies in the future. Dain is in the process of working with other card companies.

According to recent Crypto People analysis, it is predicted that the value of Dain Coin will appreciate it’s value to around 1.5 USD to 2 USD by 2020.

Dain Coin is currently in the private token sales phrase. Announcement of the official token sales will commence once the private sales is completed.

Source: http://newsbrite.net/121880


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